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Critical News...Electricity Product Structuring Matters!

Posted by Dennis Vegas on Feb 15, 2013 5:25:00 PM

Competitive retail energy markets offer tremendous opportunities to manage energy spend effectively. however, energy commodities are volatile, and can affect energy costs, if not managed correctly. Click For Whitepaper

In this important whitepaper, we will delve into the most commonly used electricity product structures, and highlight specific risks and opportunities. Likewise, we will discuss key features that organizations like yours need to consider when selecting a product.

The description of each structure will be describe, as well as the benfits and weaknesses of each option. For a better understanding, to help uour organization mitigate risk and improve energy management performance, we evaluate the following risks:

Price Risk: Budget Risk: Opportunity Risk: Volume Risk: 

We serve clients from across the U.S. and understand how complicated this topic can be, so take advantage of our easy to read whitepaper. This way you and your organization can start applying industry best practices when evaluating and negotiating your electricity contracts.

If you have questions about this subject or any others dealing with Electricty and Natural Gas, don't hesitate to contact:

Alberto Rios, Energy Risk Mangement at 832-294-2506 or



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